rfid leather keyfobs
Name:rfid leather keyfobs
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Product Description

Performance Introduction

  • Three Features: waterproof, moisture, shock; and high temperatures.
  • Closed-loop wrist strap, flexible, easy to wear and easy to use.
  • Widely used in extremely wet swimming pool, cooling libraries, water patrol, field operations, etc.Environment, even a long soak in the water, and other adverse circumstances, can be normal credit card.
  • Imitation of the table-shaped cards containing contactless chip, which provides low-frequency chips (125KHz) high-frequency core(13.56MHz) super-high frequency core(860-960MHz)encapsulated watch film.
  • Chip models: EM4100, EM4102, EM4450, TK4100, T5557, Hitag1,Hitag2, HitagS, S50, S70, Ultralight 10,DESFire41, ICODE1, ICODE2, Ti2048, Ti256, SR176,INSIDE2K, LRI2K, LRIS2K
  • Surface can be offset, screen printing, marking, bulk orders can specify color products
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