125khz thick RFID card
Name:125khz thick RFID card
Model No:

Product Description

The RFID Thick Card Parameters List

Itme thick rfid card
product name 125kHz LF Low Frequency Blank PVC Clamshell Thick RFID Card
Material PVC ABS PET
Printing CMYK Offset Printing
Thickness 0.76mm/0.84mm/Customized
Temperatuer -25℃~50℃
Weight 6 gram
Operating Distance Up to 50mm (depending on antenna geometry)
Chip Protocol ISO11784/11785

available Chip

125KHz Low Frequency
EM4100 64bit read only EM4102 64bit
EM4200 EM4305 64bit R/W EM4450 EM4550 64bit R/W
TK4100 64bit can edit ROM
Temic 5567 T5557 T5577 3*10=330bit
Hitag 1 2048bit
Other Frequency Chips 13.56MHZ High Frequency
Classic S50 1K byte Classic 4K byte
Fudan F08 1K byte Ultralight 512bit
Desfire 2/4/8k byte Desfire EV1 2/4/8k byte
Plus 2/4 byte Ntag
Icode SLI2 1024 bit Icode SLI-S 2048bit
860-960Mhz UHF Chip
Alien H3 512 user bit
Ucode EPC G2 512 user bit


Gold Frosted Finsh Siliver Frosted Finsh
Signature Panel/signature strip Magnetic stripe
gold stamping Siliver stamping
OR Code Barcode
More Craft is offered!!! Contact me if you need more Craft!!!
Application High security access control systems, Time attendance systems, Prepayment application, Loyalty program, Mass transportation ticketing, Staff identification,Hotel key card
Company Type manufacturer
Sample Sampls Availble
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