rfid foot ring tag for pigeon bird and chicken
Name:rfid foot ring tag for pigeon bird and chicken
Model No:

Product Description


External diameter: 11mm

Inner diameter: 10.17mm

Thickness: 0.83mm

Width: 10 mm

Basically, pigeon tag we provide is blue and TPU material.

The most popular systems of pigeon tag, RFID.

RFID system for pigeon tags:

LF: 125 KHz or 134.2 KHz;

Frequently-used chips for ear tag are:

LF (125 KHz or 134.2 KHz)

1_EM4200 (Memory size: 128 bits)

2_Hitags256 (Memory size: 256 bits)

3_TK4100 (Memory size: 64 bits)

4_EM4205 (Memory size: 512 bits)

Reading distance:

LF pigeon tag: Up to 0-10 mm

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