RFID magnetic fridge tag
Name:RFID magnetic fridge tag
Model No:

Product Description


for Mifare Ultralight NFC Tag for Nokia

Available Sizes (mm)

85.5*54,70*40,73*23, 50*50,45*45,43*26, 36*20, 35*35, 30*15,

32*32, 37*25, 32*27, 19*35, φ25,φ30, φ45,φ50,etc

Chip type options for nfc tag

NTAG213, ntag 21XUltralight (NFC Forum Type 2),

Classic 1k (compatible with NFC Forum Type 2),

(NFC Forum Type 4), Topaz (NFC Forum Type 1)

Compatible chips available

Printing Option

- Full color offset printing- Silk

- Screen printing- Silver/Gold silk

- Screen printing background

Optional Technique

- Special function option Anti-metal layer

- Custom logos/artworks printing/ Laser engrave

- ID Number Printing Jet dot printing

-URL,text,number.etc encoding/lock to read only

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