Ntag216 RFID NFC paper sticker
Name:Ntag216 RFID NFC paper sticker
Model No:

Product Description

• NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of datasuch as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices.

• The term NFC tag is commonly used for a passive NFC tag. Examples of passive NFC tags are NFC inlays,

NFC stickers, NFC Epoxy Tag,NFC wristbands and other converted NFC products.

Physical Features:

Coated Paper/PVC/PET/ Pearl Paper/ Synthetic Paper/ Fragile Paper/ CPC/ Thermal Paper/ Plastic/ Ployester/ Nylon/ Non Woven Fabric

Working Temperature -20°C-75°C Storage Temperature -40°C-85°C
NFC Features:
Standard ISO/IEC 14443A/15693
Dia 25/30mm/86x54mm/50x50mm/45x45mm Or Customized
Chip Type NTAG203/213/215/216, Ultralight, F08, S50, Icode Slix
Memory 144,504,888,64,1K ,128 Bytes
Frequency 13.56MHz Reading Range 1-10cm(depends on the reader or phone model)
Other Features:
Data Storage > 10 years
Re-write 100,000 times
Installation Adhesive
Customization Printing,URL encoding, Serial numbers,Web links, Designing,etc
Monthly Output 800,000,000/pcs, 24 Hour Production shifts
Customization Printing,URL encoding, Serial numbers,Web links, Designing,etc

Access control,E-Payments,Information collection and exchange ,Data transfer,
Custom setting,WIFI, Alarm, Business card, Bluetooth application,Time attendance management, Identification,Tickets,Membership system,Anti-counterfeiting,Security.etc..

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